The Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) is a specie of genus Sorbus, subgenus Aronia of Rosaceae family.

It is also known with its Russian name – Черноплодна рябина (black chokeberry). It originates from the forest regions of the Eastern seaside of North America.

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The black chokeberry has a lot of iodine in it – 6 times more than in blackcurrant.

According to it consistence it is similar to morello cherry, cranberry, winter apples and significantly excels the forest strawberry, raspberry and the red currant.

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Плодовете на аронията са отлична сурувина за хранително-вкусовата промишленост и всеки, който желае да приготви в домашни условия вкусни и полезни консерви и сокове, може да използва приложените рецепти.

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About us

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    The plantation is made in 2003г. and covers area of 85 acres. it is located in the central part of Sredna Gora mauntain near town of Panadyurishte.
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    The plantation is grown without using any pesticides and fertilizers. It is provided with drip irrigation, which grants the growth of quality production.
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    The Aronia is certified by BALKAN – BIOSERT and meets all the standards and requirements for biological (organic) product..



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